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The Story behind Powerful Symbols…

Human civilizations have seen symbols in every direction they have looked, from time immemorial. Long before science and reasoning, followed by astronomy came into being – humans were overwhelmed by the power of the natural elements such as Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

The wonderment, plus the desire to explain the supreme logic of the universe, led to gods’ creation. Then came symbols or representations. Without exact means of capturing images, ideas, values, or profound concepts, humans resorted to symbols – means where succinct symbols could capture unfamiliar, distant or fantastic concepts and big ideas.

Over time, many symbols have passed into the oblivion of time. However, many others have persisted and become beloved tokens, not only in their own culture but globally. Some of these universal symbols represented here require no words, but they share a powerful story!

We are social mission driven company, and most profits will be distributed to art programs…